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AREA - 2500 SQ.FT

The design methodology chosen for this three bedroom apartment was an amalgamation of Scandinavian style with pops of pastel colors. Primarily white, all the spaces successfully soaked in the light composition, use of raw materials and their natural textures. Adhering to an open plan,  we carefully curated the living and dining space so as to create a liberal yet refined atmosphere.


The furniture products were tailored and manufactured to fit this apartment and build the impression of the cosy interiors. The space arrangement functioned well, with the open kitchen working adjacent to the dining space through a breakfast counter that was well lit with decorative lighting. The dining table boasts an 8 seater and directs you to a wall of memories that were specially styled with artifacts that the clients had collected over the years. The rooms were dedicated to the corners of the house plan to establish the private zones. Sticking true to the concept, we kept the rooms minimal, yet warm with wooden tones. Definitely the most serene apartment, we've designed so far!

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