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Auburn Studio is an architecture, planning, and design firm headed by Sushmitha Ramesh, Principal Architect. Auburn designs spaces that merge with its surroundings whilst retaining its own, unique identity. At Auburn, we understand the need to be comfortable. The kind of comfort that boasts experiences. We believe that places must be able to evoke emotions, make one feel something and breathe life into even the most inanimate environment. 


Our designers thrive on translating each brief with this very vision, to produce a truly unique space that reflects the infinite ‘selves’, a space to celebrate individualism. Our designers’ hands-on-approach ensures unrestricted creativity that produces compelling experiences.




Post her formal education in Architecture from SRM University, Chennai, Sushmitha worked on an array of Hospitality projects with Sidharth Ninan Architecture, Chennai and A Design Studio, Colombo, Sri Lanka, before Auburn Studio came to life. Translating her vision to Auburn, Sushmitha believes in designing experiences. Each place is designed and curated to tell its own story, an approach that is deep-rooted in Auburn’s culture. 


Sushmitha, known among her friends as a stickler for details, brings the same perfection to work. It also inspired her to offer a whole range of holistic solutions that went beyond architecture and planning to include branding and styling - ensuring uniformity of experience. 

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