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AREA - 2500 SQ.FT

Creating a dream home is a deeply personal journey, where every element comes together to reflect the unique vision and personality of the homeowners. In the case of a young couple with a penchant for loft-style living, the challenge was to infuse Indian accents and touches to add warmth and cosiness to their industrial-inspired abode. The result? An eclectic and inviting space that seamlessly blends loft aesthetics with traditional Indian elements.


The material palette chosen for the apartment was carefully curated to maintain the rustic charm reminiscent of a loft, while incorporating elements that exude warmth and cosiness. Cement flooring and exposed brick walls formed the foundation of the design, creating a raw and industrial backdrop. To add visual interest and texture, stucco textured paints were applied, providing relief from the roughness of the bricks.

In terms of soft furnishings, a combination of leather, rattan, and linen was chosen to complement the walnut wood and concrete finishes throughout the space. This careful selection of materials created a harmonious blend of textures, adding depth and character to the overall design.

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