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AREA - 6500 SQ.FT

The first lockdown imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic led our clients to rethink their spaces. The idea of renovating their 20 year old beach house just outside city limits sounded like the perfect distraction from the everyday chaos of being locked inside their city apartment. 

The brief to this end was straightforward, they wanted something minimal, quick, and easy to execute. They wanted the beach house to double up as an exotic getaway, their own personal haven amidst all the chaos. The larger idea was to keep the shell minimal and bare while being open to play it up with furniture and decor. The clients wanted it to be one with nature and preferred natural elements like wood, bamboo, and earthy ceramics to make up the design language.

The highlight of the beach house is easily its sunken living room, a structure that we envisioned and created. The beach house boasted a huge living area and the clients were very particular about having plenty of seating areas to host guests. The initial idea was to use furniture and landscape to create multiple seating zones so that it doesn’t end up looking like just another large hall. However, as soon as we saw the site, we just knew how well a sunken living room would work in the space while staying true to the client’s requirement of multiple seating areas.

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