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AREA - 3200 SQ.FT

In the wake of the post-COVID era, outdoor intimate weddings have witnessed a surge in popularity, and our clients saw an opportunity to transform their family property, once a nursery, into a stunning outdoor wedding venue. Embracing the liberality of our clients, we embarked on a journey to create a unique and enchanting space. After visiting the site and witnessing the remnants of the nursery's landscape, we were inspired to infuse the spirit of tropical modernism, inspired by the legendary architect Geoffrey Bawa. The two villas, which were designed to serve as suites, became an integral part of this transformation, seamlessly blending with the new event space.  

Presented with a 100'x100' plot, our design ethos centered on optimizing the spatial configuration for the immediate project, with a strategic eye towards accommodating future expansions. The total footprint of the paired villas amounts to 3200 square feet. Nestled in the environs of JP Nagar, South Bangalore, the architectural vision integrates landscaping as an intrinsic partition. This serves a dual purpose: shielding the villas from the urban milieu and crafting an immersive experience. Lush native flora, strategically placed trees, and thoughtfully designed water features collectively envelop the space, transcending mere aesthetics to evoke a harmonious architectural narrative.

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