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Sj studio,

k.k nagar

AREA - 3500 SQ.FT

Located in the hustle and bustle of Chennai, this multi-purpose plot houses a commercial office and residential stays in its nook and corners. Structured in steel and wooden louvers, the aesthetics scream modern and sleek. There is sense in design with respect to balance. The bulk volumes break out into a pocket of greenery that makes the façade thrive. It flows with the purpose of being a versatile platform in entertainment. The architectural planning was divided with two options. 

The first alternative projected a sense of brutalism with wooden louvers that spanned across the height of the building. This gave a monolithic character to the façade. Users are directed into the reception consisting of double height with glazing that offers the possibility of integrating the social area with the outside. The rest of the planning on the ground floor zones into a semi-informal seating arrangement that houses a well-equipped pantry and a common bathroom. Moving along to the formal areas, the plan is dissected with two cabins mirroring each other. As we delve further, the first floor bifurcates into a conference room and a private studio attached with a study. Both these spaces share the common court allowing an influx of ventilation and landscape that sweeps in through the openings.

Shaping the second spatial structure, the exterior showed a disruption in massing with the apparent push and pull. The cantilevered structure is well balanced by the landscaped court that places a viewer through a calmer portal. The form clearly follows the demarcation of floors. Users are directed to this reception with the aesthetical grandeur of horizontal space through an approach of a water body. The sensory experience of this hardscaped body with stepping stones makes the first impression in the beholder’s eye. Adjoining the reception is the semi-formal space co-existing with an open pantry. Strategically, pushing the formal cabins to the rear end, in order to maximize privacy during meetings. Upon landing into a common lounge, the first floor follows suit as option 1.

Designed for SNA

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