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AREA - 3500 SQ.FT

A home is a sanctum, it is reflective of one’s personality and influences one’s state of mind - and this is exactly why a home is one of the most challenging spaces to create. Each home has its own charm and working through it allows one to uncover different facets of a person or people in it. 


The Metrozone apartment represents luxury with simplicity. Contrary to popular belief, the two can, in fact, go hand in hand. The interior design is an amalgamation of open spaces and a subtle selection of colours and shades. The use of wood, marble, metal and delicate fabrics adds to its luxurious outlook. The house has a large ground floor that serves well to receive guests and a space for the family to unwind. A staircase leading to the second floor, paves way to the private quarters of the house - the bedrooms, bath and dressing rooms. 


The Master bedroom, the heart of the house, combines exquisite luxury with lightness. The ceiling is kept simple, with the focus on the chic chandelier, with modern furniture and decor elements. Every element was carefully chosen to create a single composition of lightness. 


Combining the best of contemporary luxury trends of 2020 along with styling everything to the last t helped us turn this house into a home.

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