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AREA - 3000 SQ.FT

The design intent for Vivek Krishnan's Wedding Photography Company office was meticulously crafted with a focus on creating a professional and inviting workspace. Our foremost objective was to imbue the office with a sense of brightness and spaciousness, recognizing the profound impact this can have on the overall work environment. In light of this, we carefully planned the office layout, seamlessly integrating formal and informal seating arrangements to cater to the diverse needs of the team. Given the creative nature of the work undertaken within the space, we were keen on providing ample collaborative areas to facilitate idea sharing and teamwork.


To evoke a sense of calm and serenity, the predominant color scheme revolves around a clean and crisp white palette, elegantly intertwined with verdant green accents. The office was thoughtfully divided into two distinct zones: the formal workstation area, where wooden flooring and white tables create a professional setting, and the informal workstation area, characterized by white flooring punctuated with colorful carpets for a dynamic and relaxed atmosphere. Our design intent ultimately aspires to provide a professional, yet vibrant workspace that inspires productivity, fosters collaboration, and encapsulates a soothing ambiance conducive to creative endeavors.

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