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AREA - 3000 SQ.FT

The Cinnamon Abode is home to young, new parents. This is their first home and naturally, they were very enthusiastic about bringing their ideas to life. The clients even presented us with their own moodboards and references of materials, colours, and finishes they liked (that was half the job already done!). Jokes apart, this presented us with the unique opportunity to bring all these seemingly contrasting ideas into one cohesive design style. 

The apartment came with a dark brown Italian marble, retaining that we used earthy colours for materials like leather and rattan and interplayed shades of brass with wood to pop spaces. We played with textures to bring out the materials. For instance, we did a texture wall paint for the entire house and also used linen textured curtains. We also used a revolving rattan partition to separate the living and dining spaces.

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