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AREA - 3000 SQ.FT

True to its name, Drava (meaning fluid in Sanskrit), has open spaces that flow into each other. The space was designed to reflect the idiosyncrasies of the location while being flexible enough to adapt as required. The designs are deliberate, it is a playful twist of cliches, with classic monochromatic tiling, glass partitions and other reflective structures, positioned alongside edgy artwork and a surprise community table. 


The arch-shaped partition, striped floor pattern and the brass counter on the bar stand testament to the beautiful coming together of simple geometry to create space illusions. With colours like deep Blue and Black, the space gets its dark, lived-in feel. Throwing in colours like Yellow, Red and Gold to the mix helps bring about contrasts that add sophistication to the space. 


It’s a bar that’s both luxe and trendy - a win-win for city regulars. 

Designed for SNA

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