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AREA - 5200 SQ.FT

Sipping a cup of tea with fresh baguettes whilst sitting comfortably on a plush pink sofa facing a Juliette balcony, only you aren’t in Paris or in the 50's, you’re in Metropolitan Chennai. Every now and then a project comes along that lets you create an ode to the classics, with Amelie’s it was recreating Amelie, an everyday 50s Parisian woman, who was believed to have lived in a noisy, infamous rue - just above her famous ice cream and treaters shop.


The facade of Amelie’s is designed like a Parisian home, with French window shutters and Juliette balconies lined with fresh pink Bougainvilleas. The walls painted in pastel pink and mint green connotes friendly warmth and intimacy. The floors are lined with white and grey tile patterns that perfectly compliment the home-like setting. Light wood table tops with a combination of wooden chairs and pastel fabric upholster chairs plays to the aesthetics of a Paris home with plenty of props like book lights and pastel telephones. With pages from books sprawled over to form a wallpaper, the charcoal art on the walls inside depict a day-in-the-life of Amelie in the 50's, on one side and 2D pop up art of the streets of Paris on the other. The generous use of florals and ice cream shades help retain the overall delicate feel of the venue.

Designed for SNA

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